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Tax Services

Providing your business with solid advice and reliable service on corporate, international and personal tax. At Limra Tax, we understand that tax issues do not exist in a vacuum outside your other business concerns. They can have a major impact on both your daily operations and long-term growth strategies. When we provide you with tax services, we do so through the broader context of business advisory to show how taxes fit in to the bigger picture for your company.

We offer three types of tax services to our clients. They are:

• Personal Tax

It including family, financial and estate planning, and filing personal tax returns.We have a wide range of resources to handle complex tax issues for you, both here in Canada and abroad. Our team believes in providing impartial and long-term advice to your company, not quick-fix solutions. We have the skills and experience to reduce your tax burden and help your business grow.

• Corporate Tax

It including compensation planning, corporate income tax filing and regulatory and compliance filing.

• Business Tax

Our Self-employed business persons Tax services have been trusted by budding entrepreneurs and established self-employed professionals.